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Nothing Is More Important

For you, it’s always been about building a beautiful life, making an impact, and caring for your loved ones.

You plan for everything, great schools, family time, memory-making vacations, college, and beyond. Nothing is more important than taking care of your family.

You can’t control the future, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your family, your business, your legacy, and all you’ve planned for are protected.

Protect What You’ve Built

The life you’ve built is the result of years of hard work and sacrifice. As difficult as it is to prepare for the unexpected, you can take important steps today to safeguard your future.

Protecting Your Family

Estate Plan

A pivotal part of safeguarding what you’ve built and protecting those who matter is your estate plan. It ensures that your children are cared for by people you choose, your assets transfer smoothly, and your business ownership passes appropriately, without burdening your loved ones. Your Estate Plan supports and empowers your family when you cannot.

Probate begins soon after the loss of a loved one. It can be a long, arduous and stressful process but it doesn’t need to be. We’re here for you in those difficult times to smoothly and quickly work through the process. 

Adult Children

When your child turns 18 in the eyes of the law, they’re an adult. They may still be in high school, supported by you, or living at home, so you may be surprised to learn that you no longer have rights related to medical and financial details about your child. With the proper documents in place, you can ensure you’re able to intervene on their behalf.


Protecting Your Career & Earning Potential

You’ve worked hard to earn your reputation and develop unique expertise.
Nothing should get in the way of your success. Especially not a non-compete.

Many professionals pay little attention to their non-compete until they anticipate leaving their job. Before you sign or before you make that move, we’re happy to take a look. We’ve helped clients ensure that they’re free to reach their full potential

Protecting Your Business

Today’s business world has gotten complicated, you need expertise beyond the services or products you deliver. We work with businesses to file all of the start-up paperwork and reviews all contracts. Once you’re set up, we work with you to protect your business for the long run.

Your hiring practices and employee handbooks are where it all starts. Business owners want to ensure your practices and handbooks comply with employment, avoiding costly mistakes.

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Estate Planning

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These are members of the legal community representing the people and institutions of Dallas with mastery and drive.

Empowering & Protecting Families

We take pride in a personal approach.
Serving the families in our community is an honor.

Our unique perspectives, uncommon insights, and proven legal expertise empower our families to make the important choices and decisions for their business and loved ones.

We take time to listen to your desires, concerns, and dreams before we craft a custom-tailored estate plan that you feel confident protects your family.

We aim to create lasting relationships, becoming trusted advisors you can count on.

We’re always just one call away.

Protecting Your Family Is Easy


Getting to know you, your family, and
your goals are our top priority.
This allows us to personalize
a plan that delivers on your vision.

Customized Plan

Once we understand your unique
needs and goals we create a plan that meets your needs & ensures your family, business, & estate are protected.

Peace Of Mind

With your plan in place, you
will have peace of mind knowing that
your family, business, legacy, and all that’s important is protected.

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